How often should I blog

I saw the following article at LinkedIn: So I started to wonder how often I should write a blog. I wrote my first blog in September 2014 and after that, I have written altogether 10 blogs, this is the blog number 11. I find it quite challenging to post a blog every day. Do I have something to write every day? Do my readers want to read my thoughts 365 times during a year?

I follow some bloggers that write even several times a day. Some of the posts are interesting, but many are just trash. Even bloggers should respect their readers and publish a blog when they really have something to say. We all have better things to do than read a blog or even just notice the mail of it that does not contain anything worth reading. Therefore, I will not promise to write a blog every day this year, but I will promise to write a new blog a couple of times a week.

The same thing applies to other social media platforms.

There are persons that publish every day something on Instagram and then especially teens are keen to post selfies. Facebook is another good example. There are persons that post everything like “Now I drink my morning coffee”, “Now I sit in the train”, “Now I bought a newspaper” (and then they will probably post pictures of their coffee mug, train and newspaper on Instagram). I think that even if we want to be social all the time, we should not forget that rarely other persons are interested in knowing what we do all the daylong. Social media should be used with moderation. It is like a good wine, when used with moderation it is good, but in excess, it becomes hazardous.