Lately here in Italy the most topical issue has been the number of illegal immigrants. This year 54660 illegal immigrants have arrived into Italy. The biggest groups are Syrians, Eritreans and Somalis. They can’t be sent back to their home countries, because those countries are not considered safe. I link a good video about the situation of Syrian refugees:

The EU seems to be very reluctant to do something centralized to this problem. In addition, Greece has a huge amount of illegal immigrants this year. The Northern Europe seems to think that this is not their problem, this the problem of the Southern Europe, mainly of Greece and Italy. The truth is that most of the immigrants want to leave Italy and reach their relatives in Northern Europe. This weekend France closed their border to these immigrants and now we can see from the news pictures of immigrants sleeping on the rocks at Ventimiglia.

Now there are immigrants that sleep at the Milano Centrale railway station. The local volunteer organizations like Red Cross have arranged health services and food and drink to these poor persons. There are also small children that have to sleep on the floor with their parents. Some of them refuse to go to the shelters, because they don’t want to be registered. The registration means that they would have to stay here in Italy and wait the official refugee status.

I’m sad to see these persons, they have lost everything. Some of them show signs of torture, they are psychologically tired. It is not an easy decision to walk through the desert, be raped and tortured just to get to Europe. They across the Mediterranean Sea with small boats and often they are saved by Italian military boats. Nowadays there are also boats from other EU countries to save these poor humans. Naturally, you can ask how they finance these journeys. It is very expensive to travel here. Today I saw that they pay about 2000-3000€ to get to Europe. Therefore, we can only suppose that the poorest class stays there and suffers. Nevertheless, what I have heard often the whole family collects money to send some relatives to Europe.

However, as long as these persons keep on coming Europe can’t leave Italy and Greece alone. No country can handle these huge masses of persons. As the situation in Syria remains critical, there is no hope to expect the number of Syrian refugees to diminish. I also think that it would be wiser to register all these immigrants and those that have relatives in other EU countries let them reach these relatives. In addition, it would be better let registered persons travel inside EU instead of thousands non-identified persons. In this way, it would be possible to keep track on these persons and react to possible radicalization of these persons. There was a plan to deliver 40 000 immigrants from Italy and Greece to other countries. Now it seems that many, especially, the Northern European countries don’t want to participate in this plan. Finland takes 750 legal refugees every year, now they plan that some of these 750 refugees could be from this huge group of illegal immigrants. I’m ashamed to say in this context that I’m Finnish. Unfortunately, Finland won’t open to new refugees during the new government. The Finns Party is very anti-refugee and in some degree racist party.

I still believe that these refugees have chosen to risk their life, because they couldn’t live where they lived. Maybe they hope to guarantee a better future to their children and to themselves. I was delighted to hear that at Milan some inhabitants have brought groceries, clothes and toys to these immigrants staying in the Milano Centrale. There is no easy solution to this problem, but I think EU should work together to handle this problem. Because in the end it will affect also the Northern Europe, directly or indirectly.