ADSL not working – an eternal battle

I have lived in Italy over 15 years and during these years I have had some really annoying experiences with Internet providers. Recently I’m loosing my temper with Telecom Italy, because my Internet doesn’t work despite I signal this problem several times every week during the last three months.

IMG_3633.JPGFirst in the end of June a lightning hit somewhere near and our modem was damaged. Already earlier the Internet was very slow and unsteady. After this thunderstorm naturally we didn’t have any connection. This time Telecom sent a technician after several reminders and this technician installed a new modem and I thought, yes, now we have a working Internet. Only in my dreams. I contacted Telecom and I got very interesting answers for my complaints, like: “Your neighbor has a modem that disturbs your modem” or “You have at home something that disturbs your modem” or “You have to many devices connected to the modem so that the signal gets weaker”. Only once they admitted that the problem was in their lines.

IMG_3284.JPGNow we are in the end of September and still we have serious problems with the Internet connection. Only three days ago I called Telecom’s call center and informed them that we have no Internet. They noticed that the problem was in their central and promised to repair it next day. Well, now we have Internet connection every now and then – not all the time. Mostly we are without any connection.

IMG_3601.JPGI asked in the FB from some other persons that live in this area if they know what the best provider is. Everybody said that Telecom is the worst, just doesn’t work. But the problem is that actually only one provider was mentioned as excellent, but they offer the connection via satellite antenna, so I’m not interested. The problem is that we live in the countryside and probably Telecom doesn’t have enough capacity, but they will never admit it.

Now you probably wonder why Telecom doesn’t do anything and why I don’t change the provider. The answer to the latter question is given above. Then why Telecom is so passive –  because it used to be a state owned company and still even after the privatization their organization culture is like in a public organization, i.e. very bureaucratic, inefficient and arrogant.

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