A ruined book

This summer my son (18 yrs) had to read a book as part of a school project. Therefore I went to the local library to borrow the book. Our librarian is always very helpful and nice. They didn’t have it in our own library, but in another library at Como district. They ordered the book from the other library and after a couple of days I received the book.

My son read it calmly (not enthusiast to read a book) and so last week he took the book back to our own library. Next day I got a call from the library of this other town. The guy on the phone explained that the book was totally damaged. Then actually I let him know that I didn’t believe these accusations, but I said that I will buy a new book. I called our own library and asked why they didn’t mention anything when my son brought it back if it was so badly damaged that it had to be substituted. They said that they didn’t notice anything strange in that book. I was perplexed about all this because anyway my son is already an adult. Anyway I got a new book delivered home next day by Amazon and I took it immediately to our own library so that they could send further. Our library said that they will ask to have the damaged one for me (anyway it was so badly ruined that it couldn’t be borrowed anymore according the guy on the phone). Yesterday I went to library to get the damaged book. I expected something terrible, a book with pages missing, covers ruined etc. Instead this is what I got:

IMG_2395 IMG_2396

Now I have to admit that for me the book seems to be totally readable, only the plastic is a bit ruined in some points and back has a tiny rip in the cover. Also the lady in our own library admitted that she found the book totally ok. Then nobody knows for sure where these awful damages have occurred –  I doubt the transportation or maybe it was that way originally when my son borrowed it. My conclusion is that once again I have been fooled by some idiot. I told about this to some of my foreign friends here in Italy and unfortunately they all were convinced that this was just „una grande fregatura“ (I was fooled, maybe because I’m a foreigner). Actually all said that it was normal to suspect from the beginning this whole story, because in Italy you just suspect immediately everything and everybody.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I like Italy and the Italians, but lately I have experienced too many negative things. Can I accept this all and live like the locals i.e. trying to be always the most „furbo“. Just now I find it hard to accept that I pay too much taxes just because the others are „furbi“, I buy a new book for the library just because somebody is weird and „furbo“. Just so sick of all this for the moment and I haven’t even mentioned yet the schools in this post.