The school and a bad customer experience

My daughter started at “Lyceum” (like a high school, but lasts 5 years). In July, I went to school to fill all the papers. Then I had a small thing to correct right away. In February, we made the pre-enrollment to this school online. We answered all the questions and happily pressed the Send button. Then on the screen appeared all the information we had filled (without possibility to change). For some mysterious reason my citizenship was Haitian, the rest of the family had Finnish. Therefore, when I went to school I asked them to change my citizenship to Finnish. Even though it crossed my mind that in case of any problems at school I could have threatened with voodoo with a doll full of needles in my hand. However, because my daughter was scared that I actually could do something like that I promised to reveal my real citizenship to the school.

The first thing that shocked me in July at school was that the school asked “the voluntary contribution” of 150€ from parents. My poor friend that was with me and has twins had to pay 250€. In theory in Italy, public schools are free and because my daughter is now 14, she has still a couple of years of compulsory education. In the previous school of my daughter parents paid 30€ of voluntary contribution to the school. I find this a bit unfair that I have to pay these 150€, because already I have spent over 200€ for my daughter’s schoolbooks, yesterday I bought art material to her with about 50€. The school doesn’t give any material; families pay everything starting from test papers.

All the schools blame that they are without any money and therefore they ask this voluntary contribution. I will ask in the first meeting (if there will be such a thing) that if they have so little money why they can’t start having a 5-day week at school and let students stay at home on Saturday. For example, my daughter has 27 hours in a week and now it is divided in 6 days. So far, we have been lucky to find schools that don’t have Saturdays, but now there were no alternatives. My point is that closing the school on Saturday they would save in electricity and heating costs for example. There would be less cars going around on Saturday that means less pollution. Nevertheless, I have my doubts that this will happen. I know some mothers think that it would be too exhausting to stay at school for example 6 hours and after that home works. I always argue that with Saturday at school and then home works and maybe an exam on Monday, students don’t have necessarily any holiday in a whole week. Am I rebel as my daughter says?

Risultati immagini per studente immagini

Before the school started, we spent a day at Gardaland. One thing made me angry and it was the express pass. Paying extra, you can go past the queues. Normally if I go to hotel, I pay for room and if I want extra services I pay for them, but they don’t deteriorate the service for the other clients. The express pass instead deteriorates service to people that have paid the normal entrance fee, because now they have to wait longer, because express types go past. I don’t find this fair, why I get worse service if somebody pays for extra service. Already the prices to amusements parks are generally quite high and now without paying extra you get even worse service.


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