Generation Gap

Recently I have understood that there is a generation gap between my daughter and me. When I was a teen, we put posters on the walls, listened to the radio, read youth magazines. Today’s teens follow Youtubers. My daughter spends hours daily (too much, but it will change once the school starts) listening some persons that talk at YouTube. Then she explains how funny they are and I feel dumb. For the moment she follows some American sisters that sing covers, before them she followed one Swedish person and an Italian girl.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that today teens are pretty calculating. They plan beforehand how to behave and talk in certain situations. I know there are adults that calculate if the person is worth knowing = person they can use to achieve their goals. Especially I noticed this at one private school. Certain moms made their kids play with kids whose parents were famous / rich / influential. However, when I was a teen I played happily with my friends and I never planned beforehand how I should act. Well, maybe I was a bit weird.

I know that the world has changed and I try to hang on with the technological development at least somehow. Today’s teens surprise me in one aspect a lot. Today they do not see each other so often outside school / hobbies, but they whatsApp all the time. Immediately they have left the school whatsapping starts.

I have seen in a pub a group of young adults that did not talk, everybody was concentrated on their smartphone and probably they were chatting with each other. In future, the normal person will be a one that today has an autism diagnose. This because today teens do not learn to interact anymore, everything happens digitally and I presume it will become worse in the future. I could ask if I have become a dinosaur and sometimes reflecting my youth, I definitely feel like a T-Rex. 


4 thoughts on “Generation Gap

  1. Heti ku luin tän kohdan “one Swedish person and an Italian girl”, veikkasin et kysessä on Pewdiepie ja sen tyttöystävä :DD Ite katon youtubettajien videoi hauskuuden ja mielenkiinnon takia. On kiva kuunnella asiapohdintavideoi lähes oman ikäsiltä, koska mua kiinnostaa imee tietoo maailmasta. Oon kuitenki viel niin nuori, et haluan imee kaiken tiedon, mitä mahollista. Tubettajista seuraan yleensä niitä, joilla o samoi kiinnostuksen kohteit ku mul itel. Vlogeist voi saada ideoi ja vinkkei, joidenki sketsit on vaan parhautta ja jotkut puhuu oikeesti vakavista ja tärkeist asioist. Youtube on nuorison tv ja radio. Youtubest kuulee ajankohtasia juttui. Youtube o viihdyttävämpi ku tv. Youtubessa voi olla kuka tahansa esillä ja just aidot tavalliset ihmiset kiinnostaa meitä 🙂


    • Kiitos kommentistasi 21v Snapchataddikti. Youtube on kieltämättä teille tv:tä tärkeämpi. Tällainen dinosaurus vain ihmetellen katselee teidän nuorten juttuja tuubettajista ja vlogeista ja aikoinaan omat vanhempani varmaan ihmettelivät minun touhujani nuorena. Hyvää alkanutta vuotta sinulle! Te nuoret olette tulevaisuus.


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