Why I hate and love Italy

Italy is an extremely beautiful country. Here you can find mountains, lakes, seas etc. I live in Northern Italy and I’m close to Central Europe. I can see Switzerland from the windows, I can fill cheaper fuel in Switzerland. The nearest skiing resort is about 1,5 hours drive away, about 2 hours I can reach the beach. Everything is close.

But there is no paradise without a snake. This week news are reporting about the chaos at Fiumicino airport at Rome. A disaster, there are persons that have waited for their flights for over 48 hours. My husband was there on Wednesday and he was supposed to arrive to Milan at 9.10 pm. He arrived home 3.30 am – the flight was first delayed, then it disappeared totally, then the crew had to be changed etc. Well, after what I have heard these days he was extremely lucky to get home only 6 hours later than supposed.

Risultati immagini per fiumicino caos photo

Then at Como there is the eternal project called “paratie” (bulkheads). The construction started 2008, the estimated cost was 15 millions. Now 2015 the cost is up to 27 millions and the project is not ready yet. There have been many malpractices and the worst is that nobody is responsible. This is so typical in this country – nobody is never responsible when there are problems.

I just heard today that the difference between the Central-Northern Italy and Southern Italy is huge. In Southern Italy 1 person of 3 is in the risk of poverty, in Central-Northern Italy 1 of 10. The experts claim that the growth in the Southern Italy has been slower than in Greece. This is a huge problem. I don’t know Southern Italy so I don’t start to make hypothesis about this huge gap that exists inside one state.

Now you can ask why I still love this country and why I want to live here, the Italians can’t organize. It is always so complicated when the Italians arrange something. As a Finn I sometimes feel desperate when I see that something could be done in a much simpler way. But I have to admit that in the end usually things work – at least almost. Back to the question why I can live here. The answer is that here you live. Because organization is not the strongest point of this society you always have to learn how to do some simple things from scratch, because there is always some changes. The Italian health care system is fantastic, it really works well. Italy is famous for “la cucina italiana” –  therefore I struggle to lose any weight. The Italians love good food. Nature in Italy is beautiful –  mountains, the Umbrian hills and Mediterranean sea. I admit that people don’t seem to appreciate nature and unfortunately you can see so much garbage around, it is a shame!

Risultati immagini per Umbrian hills photo

The Italians are very friendly and helpful. Here you can always try to resolve the problems by talking, except when you pump into the most impossible bureaucrat in this world (usually you meet these persons at public sector). These persons feel that they are important and you have to show respect to these persons (even if they are total idiots sometimes). usually I have met nice authorities. Once a police wanted to check my documents, but this same police had stopped me 2 weeks earlier so I explained that I was in hurry and that he had stopped me just 2 weeks earlier – he excused and stopped the traffic so that I could continue my journey immediately. Or once financial police stopped me close the border. I explained that I have nothing, they checked the car and then documents. When they noticed that I’m originally from Finland they started to tell how one of them had been in Finland 20 years earlier. In the meantime a big, foreign truck passed us and from the custom in question trucks are not allowed to pass (it is not a commercial custom). The two policemen looked at each other and decided not to go after this truck, instead they preferred talking with me about Finland.

All these small things make me love this country and help me to survive with tax authorities and pay unfair amount of Taxes. As I wrote earlier there is no paradise.


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