Home country

Sometimes I wonder what I should answer when somebody asks where I come from. If I say from Finland, I feel that I am not telling the truth. If I answer from Italy, I feel the same way. Should I say I am a Finn from Italy?

The question is which country is my home country – Finland or Italy? I have lived here in Italy almost 15 years and my life is here. Here I know how to act in different situations; here I have my friends, doctor, hairdresser, plumber etc. People talk about the things that I know and I can express my opinions – positive and negative ones.

When I go to Finland, I sometimes feel as a stranger. People act in a different way, talk about things I do not know anything, but still there is a weird easiness in being there. Maybe it is that I can express myself in my mother tongue or maybe deep inside me that is the culture I know the best.

Maybe I have reached the point that I do not have a home country. I love Italy and its people – otherwise I would not live here. However, because I moved here when I was over 30 years old, I do not have any roots in this country. My roots are in Finland, but still I do not feel that Finland is my home country.

Maybe the right answer is “I’m a Finn from Italy”.


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