Last weekend I decided that we could go to Zurich. Due to the fact that my husband works their most of the time and therefore has a tiny flat there, so we don’t have to stay at a hotel. The Swiss trains are nice and clean.  I purchased to my daughter, 13, a junior card that cost 30 SFr and with this card she can travel free accompanied by one parent all over Switzerland. Just fantastic! To my son and me I purchased half price card. Still trains are quite expensive in Switzerland.


Zurich is a nice city. The public transportation system is simply fantastic. Here in Italy, we live 10km outside Como and bus connections are miserable. When I want to take train to Milan, the trains are old, dirty, and always late. In Switzerland, they announced that the train is 2 minutes late. In Italy, they could announce that the train is NOT late.

However, everything is far too expensive at Zurich. When we 4 persons eat in a restaurant, it costs a small fortune, but obviously, the Swiss are rich, because Saturday evening all the restaurants are full. In a supermarket, I just watched the price tags and wondered how somebody can afford to live in Zurich.  Zurich is very clean, cars stop to let pedestrians to cross the street, there are cycle lines everywhere, and people really obey traffic rules.

Maybe for me the problem is that everything is so disciplined. I guess this is the main reason I have decided to live in the other part of the Alps across the border. Italy is chaotic, Italians are undisciplined, nobody cares about traffic rules, pedestrians can make 10 Ave Maria before crossing the road and cycle line is something unknown here. Still in this country, there is more joy of living. Neighbors may have a party and I don’t call immediately police, if I breach a law a little bit nobody cares. The best in Italy is the freedom to live and let others live.



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