Italian gigolo?

As usual, I went to pick up my daughter from school. While driving towards a parking area I noticed that one car tried to park so I let the driver, an elderly man, park before proceeding with my car. Quite soon, I found a free park place and so I thought to walk towards the school. Midway a car stops and there is inside the same elderly man that just parked his car. His comment is “I would have liked to undress you”. I thought that I heard badly and that he said I did not hit you with a car (in Italian undress is svestire and hit a pedestrian investire), he looked at me and asked do I speak Italian and then he asked where do I come from. When he heard that I am from Finland he started to speak English and about how many languages he speaks. Then finally he told me that he should have found a woman like me, I just said hello and while walking I just laughed aloud. Just so ridiculous to say to a middle-aged woman that I would have liked to undress you. Later another mom told me that this same man has approached also her with same kind of arguments.


However, this is not the first time this happens to me here in Italy. When we bought this house the ex-owner had just lost his wife a couple of months before and he was very attached emotionally to this house. Therefore, he used to visit here quite often in the beginning and he was OK. He liked to play with our kids and was a funny person. Then one day he said that he would like to find a new girlfriend – a Finnish. Then I just told him that I have no idea where he could find one – he stopped to visit us anymore. Still when I meet him in the village center he is very (too) friendly and he loves to tap on the shoulders etc.


When I was young, I would have been shocked about this, now I can only laugh – I am too old to listen this garbage, it has no effect on me. However, these Italian men still maybe think that a Nordic, married, middle-aged woman is always ready for a small story. Well, maybe I should be flattered that I still get these suggestions once every ten years.


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