As I have written earlier, I am planning to specialize in social media and abandon translations. Therefore, I am taking some communication courses at the university and I have to admit that I’m enjoying studying. Now I’m studying terminology and learning how to use terminology in classifying. Very interesting and also a bit difficult.

However, sometimes I bump into problems that are more practical. On Saturday after some begging and praying, I managed to take my husband to a furniture store, because I needed a new chair to my office. My physiotherapist told me to buy a chair that has a high back part so that my neck rests on the chair. Great, soon we found a nice chair (the name of the chair is senator – just suitable for me). However, nowadays not only in IKEA when you buy a chair you get a big, heavy box.

The box

The box

This meant that my husband and I would spend some hours trying to make a chair from the ingredients inside this box.

On Sunday evening, I decided that I would try to do it myself even if my husband told me to wait (because I would need his help anyway according to him). I took all the parts out of the box and well, there were quite a many parts. After this, I started reading the instructions and trying to figure out the meaning of the drawings. Great, I managed to attach all the wheels to the right places. Then I spent next 15 minutes trying to figure out how to put three plastic cones of different size together. Finally, I managed to do that. Then I had the first real problem I could not attach the base part to an upper part. At this point, my husband told me to WAIT – and this time I had to obey. Then after a while, he came and managed to attach these parts together. Everything proceeded quite smoothly to a certain point after which I heard mostly swear words and how low-quality chair was etc.

But like all the fairy tales also this one had a happy ending – I have a new chair and we, my husband and I, spent some quality (?) time together.


My new chair


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