“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”
Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull


It is not so easy start studying after many years (I mean really many years since I attended any University course). So far my main concern has been to find balance between work and family, now I have to add studies. In September I have always had very little work and now with this eternal crisis even less than usually. Therefore I have had an excellent time to study. But it is not so easy to find time. Schools started so I have to be a part-time taxi driver to my teens and then I have to find out all the possible and impossible hobby alternatives to my teens. Anyway I managed to make my small research and already learned new things. My only setback this week has been the fever, but also that seems to be beaten finally.


The beginning of the journey

“It’s not the destination that’s important, but the journey.”       ~ John McLeod


So finally I decided that I have to find a new job. I have been inside translation industry almost 20 years and the last two years have been very hard. The trend is to pay less and less, but the time-table is always tighter. So I decided that it is enough!

The big question is what to do instead of translations. Well, a couple of weeks ago I noticed at LinkedIn a job “Community manager” ( never heard and especially when it was published by an online newspaper I was perplexed. After some Internet searching I noticed that THIS could be something interesting. Suddenly I knew that I wanted to learn more about social media and how to use them. Immediately I updated my different social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viadeo etc. I also bought some books about social media on my Kindle and then I registered to an online communication course at University.

In this blog I will describe my journey to become a social media expert. How long does this journey last – I don’t know. During this journey I will learn a blenty of new things, get to know at least virtually new persons and probably have moments of desperation. If I succeed to change my work – fantastic, if not at least immediately – patience, I still have many years ahead and the economic situation will get better also here in Europe and especially here in Italy – I hope.